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    По подразбиране BNP website: Helping them to fleece us

    28th December 2005

    News article filed by BNP news team

    Migrant workers in the UK need more help to get State benefits says a report commissioned by a government agency.

    A report by the London based Working Lives Research Institute - commissioned by the East of England Development Agency - highlighted the need for a "welcome pack" containing information on issues such as working families tax credit and health provision. The institute said councils could improve the way they deliver housing, health, education and childcare facilities to migrant workers.

    80,000 migrants

    Researchers estimate there are up to 80,000 people in the Eastern region (Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk) from a variety of countries including Portugal and a range of Eastern European nations, although the report omitted to indicate that many of these “Portuguese” are in fact Brazilians and Africans from former Portuguese colonies, who hold a Portuguese passport.

    The WLRI Advisory Board is composed almost exclusively by senior members of trade unions, “diversity officers” from local government quangos and university economists all of whom see globalisation as desirable and multi-culturalism as essential.

    The report called on the Government to review penalties for employment agencies that unlawfully impose fees on migrant workers. It added: "The research has uncovered some appalling stories about the number of hours many migrants work, the level of pay they receive and the less than equal treatment they experience at work."

    Quite so, that is the reality of cut-throat business operations, particularly in the food picking and processing industry.


    The migrant workers from eastern Europe are mostly young able bodied single males who have come to Britain to earn money, some of which is many cases they send to spouses, parents and other family members in their home countries. A BNP Cambridgeshire representative works for a large potato processing company which has in the past 21 months taken on agency staff so that nearly 25% of the workforce is of Eastern European origin. He told the website team that many of these (Poles, Czechs and Slovaks) admit to being here only while they can make some decent money. With the typical Polish wage being a third of what they can earn here they are prepared to work all the hours offered to them. Many are homesick and would gladly return to their families tomorrow if the wages back home were better, many expect to return home within the next few years as the economies of their respective home nations improves and pay levels across all of Europe become more equal.

    The report bizarrely claims that many businesses rely on these migrant workers for their “survival”. This is completely untrue. What it should state is that businesses, both small British based enterprises and UK located operations of global corporations are unable to compete in the UK marketplace with goods and services imported from Third World sweatshops where wages are a fraction of those of British workers. The only chance they have of competing is to pay agencies to recruit staff who are prepared to pay wages lower than the national minimum wage thereby undercutting indigenous workers. Of course is wholly wrong and is a result of a lack of trade protectionism. What is needed is protection of the home market from cheap foreign imports, allowing British based business exclusive access to the domestic market, paying decent wages to the indigenous work force.

    Although the East of England region, one of Prescott’s artificial EU regions, is relatively prosperous, stable and enjoys low levels of crime there are urban pockets which suffer from the same levels of deprivation found in inner city slums. Thetford, Dereham in Norfolk, Luton, Bedford and parts of Ipswich in Suffolk suffer from high youth unemployment amongst the indigenous population and high levels of social disorder.
    ...га пили пеяли - га плащали плакали!
    "Чисти като децата" но не наивни като тях!
    Не може - курец у дупе и душа у 'Рая'!

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    По подразбиране Re: BNP website: Helping them to fleece us

    hm...za purvi put 4eta buletinite na BNP,namiram gi za dosta dobro 4etivo..
    nqma novina v tqh no puk za smetka na tova sa dosta po-mirolubivi i priatelski otkolkoto predpolagah.
    prili4at mi na topic za razgovor v canteena na seki stroej v uk...

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