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Тема: My Dear Sun

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    ~ Аватара на Maria
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    По подразбиране My Dear Sun

    My Dear Sun

    My Dear Sun,
    a precious keeper of the Earth,
    when hands of yours are stretched
    to gently stroke me,
    and a flying bird reflects your gleam,
    when vegetation colours sing in gratitude,
    and rivers, lakes and oceans invite you for a kiss,
    all burdens of my soul are stripped
    and I realise the purpose of all purposes.

    A day with you is yet another journey,
    eternal spiral takes me for a ride,
    transcedence follows in a realm of shine,
    uncovering a sense beyond the senses.

    Magnificent and overwhelming,
    I envisage Kingdom I never new before,
    you bestow with meaning beyond the words,
    you leave me speechless, completely baffled..

    My Dear Sun,
    a lover of the Gaia,
    how do I learn convey this magnitute of beauty,
    how do I ask my flute to play your notes,
    or my voice to paint you with song,
    My pen is helpless in attempts
    to recreate your Grace,
    I am helpless too..

    Your voice is sweet and soothing melody,
    a loving chanting, angelic sound:

    ' Carry me inside beloved,
    surrender, and release despairing attempts,
    embrace me with your heart completely
    and you'll become a shining Kingdom on its own.. '

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    По подразбиране Относно: My Dear Sun


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    По подразбиране Относно: My Dear Sun


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