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    По подразбиране На вниманието на MBA бъдещи студенти!

    The MBA degree has been a gateway to a successful career and fruitful life to many young professionals. It is no secret that Bulgarians are among the smartest people in the world, yet many of us are struggling to get into a top MBA program. Many of us simply are not as great at selling ourselves as many Americans and West Europeans are.

    No worries, the BG MBA power crew is here to help. Students and alumni from top MBA programs are here to share their success stories. Attend our free seminar and you will have a big leg up over the competition. You can attend in Sofia or via the web from anywhere in the world.

    When : Sat June 28 , 6.30 PM Sofia Time = 10AM EST

    Where : Sofia, Bulgaria (exact location will be announced shortly)

    Where Virtually: Web cast at http://vyew.com/content/ (conference code will be emailed later)

    What you will learn:

    • How to prepare for the GMAT

    • How to choose where to apply

    • How to write your essays

    • How to enhance your work experience

    • How to improve your extracurricular activities

    • Other tips

    How to sign up:

    If you use facebook please sign up here


    Otherwise please email Valentina at [email protected]his e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Format: Presentation 15 min, QA 1 hour, drinks afterwards all night. MBA alumni / students will share their experience with prospective applicants. MBA alumni will be present in SOFIA and will connect from US/London via web interface.

    Who : We have assembled an amazing team of several MBA students and alums from top schools


    Theo (da Toshe) Vachovsky – Chicago GSB Class of 2008

    Theo is an MBA veteran. He has completed a year at the University of Maryland (Smith) transferred to University of Chicago GSB where he has just finished his MBA. After his MBA Theo will be working as Product Manager for Microsoft Live.com division.

    Having gone through the admissions process twice Theo has interesting insights. Theo is a co-founder of Aplus.Net , which is one of the top US web hosting companies and was recently sold to a PE fund. Theo is also a founder of a BG group in San Diego and is in charge of BG Euforiya events in San Diego area.

    Kalina Blagoeva – Chicago GSB Class of 2010

    Kalina is an incoming student to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. She has worked as Financial Officer at the AUBG Ellieff Center, Financial Manager at Leo Burnett Advertising and Strategy Controller at M-Tel. Kalina has earned her B.A. degree in Business Administration (minor: Applied Economics) at the American University in Bulgaria.

    Krassimir Piperkov – Stanford GSB Class of 2008

    Krassimir is a second year MBA student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He focuses on entrepreneurship and plans to start a company immediately after graduating in 2009. Krassimir was born and raised in Sofia, attended the Sofia High School of Mathematics and enrolled in the American University in Bulgaria after serving in the Bulgarian Army for 1.5 years. Soon after he immigrated to the US where he continued his college education at Santa Monica College and later transferred to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). Upon graduation from UCLA, Krassimir started his professional career at Merrill Lynch's Investment Banking office in Los Angeles.

    After 2 years he decided that he needed more experience with operations and corporate strategy and took a job at American Golf Corporation where he reported directly to the CFO, CEO and the President. 3 years later Krassimir was ready to focus on his passion for entrepreneurship and applied to Stanford, Harvard Business School and MIT. He chose Stanford because of the school's entrepreneurial and collaborative environment. Krassimir will work this summer at an aviation start-up -- ICON Aircraft -- which designs, manufactures and sells light sport aircraft. In his spare time, Krassimir enjoys traveling, flying, skydiving and spending time with friends.

    Zlatin Ivanov - The Wharton School Class of 2009

    Zlatin holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He spent seven years in the online/new media/technology space helping FortuneCity.com navigate the post-dot-com business environment and New York Magazine grow new revenue streams. He is currently a Summer Associate at Raiffeisen Investment in Sofia and hopes to work in CEE upon graduation.

    MBA alumni and students from other top schools will participate via web interface.

    ако някой срещне някого в цъфналата ръж...

  2. БЛАГОДАРЯ diyan123, Killah, fancy_bird, Chonsi, jen.jen and 4 others thanked for this post
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    По подразбиране Относно: На вниманието на MBA бъдещи студенти!

    Тоя пич дето е завършил Wharton слушайте много добре ко говори.Wharton е най-престижният бизнес колеж в света !

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    По подразбиране Относно: На вниманието на MBA бъдещи студенти!

    Цитирай Първоначално написано от BaHyXuH Виж мнението
    Тоя пич дето е завършил Wharton слушайте много добре ко говори.Wharton е най-престижният бизнес колеж в света !

    но Bulgarian City Club London....
    Winners Are Driven Роденият да пълзи няма как да полети!

    The Pope might be french, but God is english...

    Точно това имах предвид, че ако акъла е колкото на крава не може да се пият 700 таблетки!!!!

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